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About the Wall Street Journal corpus:
    This is a corpus of read
    sentences from the Wall Street Journal, recorded under clean conditions.
    The vocabulary is quite large.   About 80 hours of training data.
    Available from the LDC as either: [ catalog numbers LDC93S6A (WSJ0) and LDC94S13A (WSJ1) ]
    or: [ catalog numbers LDC93S6B (WSJ0) and LDC94S13B (WSJ1) ]
    The latter option is cheaper and includes only the Sennheiser
    microphone data (which is all we use in the example scripts).

Each subdirectory of this directory contains the
scripts for a sequence of experiments.  [note: most of the older
example scripts have been deleted, but are still available at

  s5: This is the current recommended recipe.