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This is a kaldi setup for 1st CHiME challenge. See
for more detailed information.

The setup should also work for GRID corpus and 2nd CHiME challenge track 1

Quick instruction:

1) download CHiME1 data

Check the download page
Train set
Devel set
Test set

2) move to Kaldi CHiME1 directory, e.g.,

cd kaldi-trunk/egs/chime1/s5

3a) specify Kaldi directory in,

export KALDI_ROOT="<your kaldi directory>/kaldi-trunk"

3b) specify CHiME1 signal directory and CHiME1 recogniser directory for your
username ($USER) in

By default, directories data/ exp/ mfcc/ will be created by the recipe in the
Kaldi CHiME1 recogniser directory. You could link these to directories on a 
different disk space or specify a different directory in,

export WAV_ROOT="<your CHiME1 directory>/PCCdata16kHz"
export REC_ROOT="."

4) execute


4*) we suggest to use the following command to save the main log file

nohup ./ > run.log

5) You can find result at exp/tri2b/decode_*/keyword_scores.txt