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# This script is invoked from ../
# It contains some SGMM-related scripts that I am breaking out of the main for clarity.

# Note: you might want to try to give the option --spk-dep-weights=false to;
# this takes out the "symmetric SGMM" part which is not always helpful.

# SGMM system on the si284 data [sgmm5b]
local/ data/dev lang \
exp/tri3b_fmmi_indirect/decode_dev_it8 \
exp/tri3b_fmmi_indirect/decode_dev_it8_4g \
exp/sgmm2_5b_mmi_b0.1/decode_dev_it4_4g \
exp/sgmm2_5b_mmi_b0.1/decode_dev_it4 \
exp/nnet5c/decode_dev_rescored \
exp/nnet5c/decode_dev \
exp/sgmm2_5b_mmi_b0.1_z/decode_dev_it4 \
exp/tri3b/decode_dev \
#local/ data/dev lang exp/tri3b_fmmi_indirect/decode_dev_it8 exp/sgmm2_5b_mmi_b0.1/decode_dev_it4 exp/nnet5c/decode_dev exp/combine_fmmii_sgmm_nnet/decode_dev