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  1 +# A Latex template for you thesis
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  3 +Hello you, in this repository, you will find a latex template for you thesis. Save time and use this template. Everything is designed to help you structure your manuscript.
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  5 +# How to use this template?
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  7 +You have three ways to use it. Download the zip file or clone the repository. Fork it. Clone and change the remote repository. They are all detailed just below.
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  9 +## Download the zip file or clone the repository
  10 +It is the simplest way to use the template. You can download the zip file or clone it on your computer by using the following command:
  11 +```git clone [URL]```
  12 +Since this repository can be pushed on many remote repositories, we let you change the [URL] value.
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  14 +## Fork this repository
  15 +You can also fork this repository. Using this solution, you can contribute by creating branches, adding your thesis content in this branch as an other example or just improve the main branch with new proposition to make better the very first template.
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  17 +TODO: Add an example of fork and branch creation.
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  19 +## Clone and change the remote repository
  20 +Since I can't fork this repository because it is mine, I clone it and I change the remote repository with the following command:
  21 +```git add remote [name_remote] [url]```
  22 +Then, I push the changes to the new remote repository by using the following command:
  23 +```git push [name_remote]```
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